What Is Diamond Ore

the primary ore of diamond is mostly kimberlite (eg: south african pipes), less often lamproite (eg: argyle, in western australia) both of which are igneous 

  • Is A Diamond An Ore?

    Is A Diamond An Ore?

    the primary ore of diamond is mostly kimberlite (eg: south african pipes), less often lamproite (eg: argyle, in western australia) both of which are igneous ,diamond to ore ratio,the ratio of diamond to ore is among the defining metrics that diamond mines use to calculate the return on investment before breaking ground on a prospective 

  • Minecraft Diamond Level And Where To Find Minecraft

    Minecraft Diamond Level And Where To Find Minecraft

    you can craft diamonds in minecraft from a block of diamond or by mining a diamond ore. by using a block of diamond in the crafting grid, you'll ,talkdiamond ore/archive 1 official minecraft wiki,so i noticed the [citation needed] tag on the second trivia note saying that diamond ore can be smelted to obtain diamonds. i just entered my world and invedited 

  • Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Wiki

    Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Wiki

    this article is about the diamond ore. for the gem, see diamond. for the block, see block of diamond. diamond ore is a very rare and desirable ore found near ,how many diamonds can a diamond ore drop in minecraft ,i hate to break it to you, but your friend is correct here. without any sort of enchantments or mods, diamond ore only drops 1 diamond. there's a high likelihood 

  • Feed The Beast Wiki

    Feed The Beast Wiki

    diamond ore is the second most rare type of ore from vanilla minecraft, with emerald ore being the rarest. it can only be found in the lowest 16 ,ore official minecraft wiki,ores isolated down to bedrock this graph shows the actual amount of ores found the highest layers that gold, redstone, diamond, and lapis lazuli ore can be 

  • TalkOre Official Minecraft Wiki

    TalkOre Official Minecraft Wiki

    seeing what's written about the coal, there are formula's known about the ore generating. is it possible to there needs to be a diamond ore image on the page.,how to find diamonds in minecraft (1.16 and 1.17),diamonds spawn as diamond ore in the overworld in minecraft. you can find them in every biome at levels 1-15, but they spawn most often at 

  • World Of Cubes Wiki

    World Of Cubes Wiki

    a diamond ore is a rare and non-renewable type of block, that contains diamonds. diamond ore is used to make very strong tools and very strong armor.,minecraft diamonds & how to find them,sea level is block layer 62. to find diamonds in minecraft, you have to dig deep: diamond ores only appear between layers 1 16. the most 

  • Planet Of Cubes Wiki

    Planet Of Cubes Wiki

    1 description 2 obtaining 3 usage 4 updates history diamond ore is rare block that contains diamond ingots. diamond ore can be found with a small chance ,how to find diamonds in minecraft,going caving is the easiest way to find diamonds, even if it might not be the most efficient. diamond ore veins can often be spotted in corners of 

  • TalkDiamond Ore Official Minecraft Wiki

    TalkDiamond Ore Official Minecraft Wiki

    minecraft is still generating veins of diamond ore with 10 ores in java 1.16.1 and people are still misguidedly changing the wiki to read 1-8. diamond veins with 10 ,ores of minecraft wiki,diamond ore is the second rarest non-modded ore in the game, after emerald. it is found at level 16 and below. on servers, users have had 'fun' with diamonds 

  • Castle Miner Z Wiki

    Castle Miner Z Wiki

    diamond ore is a block consisting of light blue spots, making it commonly mistaken for copper ore, a much less rare and valuable material. it is found very close ,official mini world wiki,ore this can be obtained by using an iron pickaxe. though it is very hard to find it. it is known to have at least 1 diamond per chunk (which is 16x16 area) this 

  • Diamond Official Minecraft Wiki

    Diamond Official Minecraft Wiki

    a diamond is a rare mineral obtained from diamond ore or loot chests. they are mainly used to craft high-tier tools and armor, enchanting tables, blocks of ,how to find diamonds,diamond ore only appears between layers 1-16, but it is most abundant on layer 12. to check what layer you're on, check the y value on your 

  • Minecraft Legends Mod Wiki

    Minecraft Legends Mod Wiki

    red diamond ore drops 1 red diamond. the ore is stone with red flecks. in low light levels, it can be mistaken for redstone or ruby ore. red diamond ore can ,how to find diamonds in minecraft and avoid dying,diamond ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or better (better meaning gold, diamond, or netherite). if you try to mine diamonds with a 

  • Minecraft Where-To Find Diamonds Guide

    Minecraft Where-To Find Diamonds Guide

    it's not recommended to use the iron pickaxe on anything but diamond or redstone unless you have an excess of iron ore. if you waste your ,how to make diamond ore in minecraft,how to get diamond ore in survival mode 1. find a block of diamond ore 2. hold a diamond, iron, or netherite pickaxe with silk touch 3. mine the diamond 

  • The Tekkit Classic Wiki

    The Tekkit Classic Wiki

    diamonds are vanilla items, dropped when diamond ore is mined. they can only be found at layer 1-16 in a map. they are considered extremely valuable as ,feed the beast wiki,dark diamond ore is a block added by railcraft. it has been re-textured to match abyssal stone. it spawns in geodes, caves made of abyssal 

  • Block Of The Week Diamond Ore

    Block Of The Week Diamond Ore

    block of the week: diamond ore there is one block in minecraft that reliably quickens the breath whenever you see it (no offence, gravel, but it's ,official 7 days to die wiki,diamond ore has an equal chance of the ore appearing in any of the normal biomes. it has 8000 hit points, gives between 1 and 3 raw diamonds modified by 


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